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Body Composition Analysis is a valuable, but currently underused tool for guiding public health policy and clinical decisions. It is a technique used to assess size proportions, and composition of the human body.

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There are various methods used to assess body composition, but there is much deliberation as to which method is the most accurate. Here at The NutriSho, we use skinfold analysis. This involves measuring skinfold thickness and various circumference measurements. It uses standardised techniques outlined by The International Society of the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). Anthropometry provides the single most portable, universally applicable, inexpensive and non-invasive technique for assessing size, proportions. It reflects both health and nutritional status and predicts performance, health and survival.

ISAK is the gold standard method used to measure body composition. With this method 8 specific sites on the body are landmarked and skinfold thickness of these sites are measured. It is not realistic to approach nutrition blindly and expect fitness gains regardless of inter-individual variations. For this reason, it’s important to not only understand an individuals nutrition habits, but it’s also vital to understand their physical proportions to ensure accurate nutrition advice is prescribed.

Although many people argue that using skinfold measurements isn’t completely accurate, it is useful as a monitoring device to determine changes in body composition over time. Additionally, it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other techniques.

How does it work…..

Firstly, height and weight are taken. Secondly, the individual is marked up on 8 different sites of the body (ranging from upper, mid and lower body). It’s essential that the subject wear loose clothing, ideally shorts and a t-shirt to allow accuracy marking the different sites. Once the sites have been marked up accurately, the measurement is taken using harpenden skinfold calipers. Circumference measurements are also taken, including; waist, hip, arm, thigh and calf. With this information a report is drafted to determine the overall anthropometry of the individual and with that dietary recommendations can then be made.

If you would like to get your body composition measurements done, get in touch for more details.

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