Case Study 3

41-year-old mom of 2 young kids. Her aim was to improve strength, energy levels and recovery in the gym. Her energy levels and recovery from training were quite poor. She trained 6-8 hours a week, but wasn’t seeing the performance improvements she would have liked.

She opted for my one-one nutrition coaching service.

During the consultation, she told me she couldn’t find the time to eat. She didn’t purposely not eat, but that it was never on the top of her agenda. She felt she wasn’t eating enough but was in some ways afraid to eat more for fear of weight gain. She led a busy lifestyle with work, training and kids and she didn’t sleep very well and could get stressed quite easily. Her pre and post workout nutrition was also very poor.

Together we came up with a more structured plan that would fuel her training whilst fitting in with her busy lifestyle. We spoke about stress management methods and how to optimise her sleep quality. After week one, her performance had noticeably improved and she felt energy levels were a lot better during training. She is still working hard to fit food into her lifestyle but is confident that she will be a pro by the end of the 12 weeks.

“The competition went really well. I can’t wait to get stronger and hit the next one. Not very sore after it, reckon that mooju is the ticket. Thanks for the tip.”

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