Case Study 2

28-year-old male GAA player in pre-season, looking to optimise body composition in preparation for the competitive season.

His main aim was to lose body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. He decided to give my 12-week online program a go. He was quite an experienced weight lifter, with some power-lifting experience.

During the initial consultation, he explained how he ate healthy, didn’t drink much and rarely had takeaways. He knew what to eat, but he never seemed to get the results he was looking for. After analyzing his diet, I discovered whilst he was eating healthy, he was in fact eating too much food.

I devised a tailor-made program to suit his training and busy work schedule. After completing the 12-weeks, he had lost 12.5 centimeters in total a loss of 6 centimeters from his waist and dropped 5 kg in body weight. His confidence went through the roof as he was finally happy with how he looked.

This is what he had to say after just 6 weeks

“For years I’ve been going to gyms and I love working out and lifting weights and pushing my body to its limits. One thing I’ve always struggled with was my diet and the foods I put into my body. NutriSho has been working with me for the last 6 weeks and the changes I’ve seen in my body, energy levels and mood have been clear to see. She broke my diet down into easy to follow and clear steps. The variety of food I have been eating has been great so avoids me eating the same foods day in and day out. The advice and guidance is first class and cannot thank her enough for helping me get closer to my goals. Cannot wait to see the results in another 6 weeks”.

My programs are not only designed to result in physical changes but are about changing the persons mindset.

“Thank you so much for the help/support/advice over the last 12 weeks it has been second to none. I cannot thank you enough for the changes I can see in my body composition/my energy levels, my mood and the way I now look at food”.

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