Case Study 1

55-year-old mom with the aim of losing 2 stone.

I was approached in July 2017. She explained how she had lost weight in the past, but struggled to maintain it. She was relatively active, (walked 3 times a week), however her job was quite sedentary. She was cooking for herself and her family so it was important that her plan was suitable for all the family. She explained how her biggest downfall was snacking on chocolate and biscuits in the evening.

As she was living in Dublin, she decided to go for the online coaching service. After the phonecall consultation, I developed a plan that was specific to her needs, time constraints and lifestyle. I ensured the meals I assigned for her were suitable for all the family to avoid numerous meals being cooked. As she was unable to perform high intensity exercise due to a knee injury, I advised her to increase her step count as much as possible.

Six months on, she has lost 21 pounds and counting. She has been on two holidays and has attended various social events in between. She has never felt restricted, but more so managed her portion sizes. She now has a better understanding of the types and quantities of foods she should be eating to lose weight and to maintain it. She now understands that weight loss doesn’t happen over night, it takes time, patience and hard work to achieve your goals. She has always told me that she never felt hungry, but was surprised at how much she could eat.

Not only did she benefit from the plan, but it had a positive affect on the rest of the family too.

“Thank you so much for all your help with my Mom. She’s literally over the moon with her weight loss and she looks great. She’s so much healthier and cooking great healthy dinners (which is amazing for me). My dad has also dropped a jean size and your name is very well known in our residence. Thanks again.”

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